Frequently Asked Questions

TODOWIZ is an app which will contribute you a hand to succeed the task that needs to be done on first priority. It helps you keep track of everything you cannot or you might be planning
We can include reminders, recurring tasks or even subtasks even a jungle adventure, getting through your work or just doing what you do every day.
We can include reminders, recurring tasks or even subtasks even a jungle adventure, getting through your work or just doing what you do every day.
You can share your lists with others using the ICloud Share List feature.
When you create a task you can specify many different ways for it to repeat once you complete it. When a task repeats, both the start-date and due-date will be moved forward by the specified amount.
The priority field lets you set the importance of your task. Tasks with higher priority will be shown higher on the list and will appear with a bolder font.
If a task is due on a specific date, you can specify that date on your list and it will remind you about it before it happens.
Yes, you can record the time that a task is due. You may need to go into your account settings and turn on the "Due Time" column.
You can directly print any page on it using your web browser's built in print command.
Because that person does not have the same folders, contexts, goals and locations as you, those fields will be blank after the reassignment.
The length fields are a place for you to estimate the amount of time that you think the task will take. It can help you plan when to complete certain tasks.
Yes, there are a few limits to how much you can store on TODOWIZ. The vast majority of our customers don't even come close to reaching these limits.
  • Total number of Folders: 1,000
  • Total number of Contexts: 1,000
  • Total number of Goals: 500
  • Total number of Locations: 100
  • Total number of Notes: 10,000
  • Total number of Tasks: 20,000
You can easily edit any part of your task by clicking on it and then typing your desire changes. Move your mouse over any editable data; your cursor will change to indicate that you can click to edit it.
The trashcan icon will be displayed next to completed tasks, if you complete the task then go to the "Recently Completed" tab, you can be able to delete a task.
You can easily do that by clicking the "Add Task" button and then click the "Add multiple tasks" link. You can now type in as many tasks as you want, one per line.
Yes, you can record the time that a task is in progress. You may need to go into your account settings and need to turn on the "Due Time" column. Once it's done, you can specify the exact time that any tasks are in progress.
You can use filter at any time to hide or reveal tasks that match a filter. It can be accessed by clicking on the "Show" button in the toolbar above your list. Filters may not be available to you if you are not using that specific field.
You have the option of sorting your tasks by "Importance" in your list. When you start sorting your tasks by "Importance", TODOWIZ looks at the due-date, priority and star of a task and uses a mathematical formula to calculate the relative importance of each task.
To maintain your account on TODOWIZ, you must sign in to this website at least once a year. The main reasoning behind this is that if you never use our website, then your account is not giving you any benefit.
Inorder to use keyboard shortcuts.first go into your account settings and enable keyboard shortcuts by checking the appropriate box. Now you will have access to shortcuts when you are on your main task list.
Yes, if you are seeing your tasks in the Grid format, you can simply resize the columns.
You can easily use the start date field to specify when a project or event starts. This is useful if you have a task that still not completed in due time, and that you don't want to be reminded about until the deu or specified start date has arrived.
It can start by clicking the "Search" button in the toolbar near the top of the page. After this need to type your task's name and you can see the non-matching tasks become hidden.
Inorder to make a copy of a task, click icon adjacent to the checkbox. This will cause menu to appear with a link labeled by clicking this link will create a new independent task that is unique to the old task in every way.
Completed tasks will usually be hidden to avoid cluttering up the page with stuff that you have almost done. You can simply specify in your account settings that how long you want completed tasks to be saved before deletion.
Yes, you can. This is a feature of our Gold Subscription. You can study more about file uploads on our file attachment help page.
If you want to add a note to a task, click the note icon. This will open up a blank note to type into. If the icon looks like this then the task already assigned a note.
Yes, you can. You can add a task to your list via email, and you can retrieve tasks from your list via email.

Proficient Support

TODOWIZ has been tested to work with the following web browsers:
  • Internet Explorer 7+
  • Firefox 4+
  • Opera 9+
  • Safari 4+
  • Chrome 5+
Todowiz uses a redundant storage system to protect our customer's data from software and hardware failure. It's wide range of support also have a nightly off-site backup to protect against a natural disaster or some other main issues.
You can choose to encrypt all of the information that passes between Todowiz and your web-browser.
To adjust the font size while printing use your web browser's built in font menu to increase the font size of the text on the screen and then print the page.


To share your list with your desire one, go to the "Sharing" link in the Tools menu and enter it's email address to send them a request or an invitation. Once they accept your request, your list will be shared with them.
Yes. If you go into your folder manager, you can mark any of your folders as "private". Private folders are hidden from anyone that you are sharing with.
It happens because that person does not have the same folders, contexts and locations as you have so those fields will be blank after the reassignment. If you want to set these fields, you can edit after reassigning the task to set them values that the other person has in their account.